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cover to cover is a collaborative album to raise awareness of underrepresentation in the music industry

Cover to Cover is a project from Fiona Liddell aimed to highlight the underrepresentation of female artists in Scottish music. 

Sparked by the lack of female artists listed on Spotify’s Scotify playlist, one of the most followed playlists for Scottish music on the platform, Fiona noted 68.5% of the artists on the playlist were male and some of these musicians had more than one track featured.

Liddell created Cover to Cover in a bid to both uplift her fellow female artists and to return power to artists away from gatekeeping companies such as Spotify.

Fiona has become an advocate for artists over 2020. Utilising her relationship with other musicians, in her immediate community and online, she has created several projects and established a support system in an industry that has suffered considerably as a result of the pandemic. She is a champion of new music and her #ShoutOutSaturdays series shares a variety of new and established talent showcasing Scotland’s unique and diverse music scene.

Featuring Gefahrgeist, Jen Ella, sarya, Olivia Thom, Ceiti, Amie Huckstep, Mima Merrow, Post Coal Prom Queen, Chiara Baillie, PINLIGHT, Jen Athan, Francesca and Aurora Engine, Cover to Cover released thirteen covers of original tracks between February 5 and the end of April 2021, as well as releasing an EP in March to raise money for SWIM.

Cover to Cover: Welcome
Cover to Cover: Pro Gallery


Cover to Cover: Student Testimonials

Cover to Cover is a groundbreaking charity project kickstarted by Fiona Liddell and aims to highlight the underrepresentation of female artists in Scottish music.

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