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Fiona Liddell at Brewhemia, Edinburgh


Since the pandemic began, Fiona has been building stronger ties with the Scottish music scene. She started the Local Heroes playlist to celebrate and feature unsigned and underrepresented voices from around Scotland. 

The playlist has showcased over 150 artists already and is the basis for several of Fiona's projects including her Instagram series Shout Out Saturdays and New Music Friday, as well as her radio show Fiona Liddell's Local Heroes on In Your Ears Music.

Local Heroes is a community-led platform, inspired by Fiona's desire to see a more collaborative scene. From the beginning the playlist has been about championing unsigned and underrepresented artists, and will continue to uplift community members and promote collaboration, cooperation and support for everyone no matter the stage of their career.

Submissions are currently open to all Scotland-based artists. See more on submitting your work to the playlist below

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Since August 2020, Fiona has been curating her own Spotify playlist, Local Heroes, to showcase Scottish talent. To date, Fiona has featured more than 150 artists from across the country. 

Artists previously featured by Local Heroes include: Hugh Kelly, The Snuts, Rachel Jack, Braw, Adonye B, Mima Merrow, Audiokicks, DETER, francesca, Iona James, Sapphire Notion and many more. 

Local Heroes is the basis for Fiona’s Shoutout Saturdays series. She also runs her own New Music Friday spotlight

For submissions to Local Heroes and New Music Friday, fill out the form below.

Pop ‘Local Heroes Submission: Song title, artist’ or ‘New Music Friday Submission: Song title, artist’ in the subject line of your email. Please make sure you include links to any tracks or EPKs in your message.

There is no submission fee for the playlist, all you have to do is follow the playlist and share your feature online.

Thanks for submitting!

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